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Superfine InfralloyTM 4000 Series Product Spec Sheet







Superfine Magnesia-Stabilized Zirconia  Powder

Materials Name

Magnesia-Stablized-Zirconia (MgSZ, MgO-ZrO2) Thermal (Plasma) Spray Feed Powder


Other Names: Magnesia-Stabilized-Zirconia or MgSZ Thermal Spray Powder


Similar Products: 210NS, ZRO-103





Size Cut: +10mm to -75mm


Chemistry: 22%MgO, 78%ZrO2


Grain size: 100-500 nm



Plasma spray thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) for temperatures up to 1700oF, resistant to molten metals and erosion

InfralloyTM S4022




Thermal Spray Powder


Particle size +10mm to -75 mm




Quantity & Price

10 kg

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50 kg

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100 kg

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500 kg

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1 metric ton or more

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