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Inframat was formed in 1995 by Dr. Peter Strutt, Dr. James Hsiao, Dr. Bernard Kear, Dr. Alvin Salkind, and Dr. Danny Xiao as a research company.  The Company’s mission was to develop and commercialize certain nanotechnology advancements developed by Dr. Strutt at The University of Connecticut under the Nanoprecision Manufacturing Program funded by Connecticut Innovations Inc.  The founders envisioned a company using its leading edge knowledge of material science and nanotech to develop surface coatings and advanced materials that would provide unique characteristics to the products in which they were used.  


In 1996, Dr. David Reisner joined the company, bringing both technical and commercial experience to the company.  With its strong core scientific team, and relationships with major Universities and leading researchers, the company found success pursuing Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) funding sources.  Largely through these programs, Inframat began to amass its current Intellectual Property portfolio.


Over the next decade, Inframat grew in size and scope.  The company established a lab and pilot manufacturing facility in a 10,800 square foot mill building near the University of Connecticut, and a separate headquarters facility in Farmington, Connecticut.   Major funding from the Office of Navy Research resulted in major technological developments, including high durability protective ceramic coatings. By delivering successful research results, often beyond the initial goals of project managers, Inframat began to be recognized as a research leader by its primary customer, the U.S. Government.   To date, Inframat has completed projects worth over $15 million via the SBIR and STTR programs, and has developed products for the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, DARPA, NASA, National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Energy, and National Institutes of Health.


In the late 2000’s, Inframat created several partnerships with large manufacturers.  These successful arrangements allow Inframat to produce a number of unique thermal spray powder products that improve the surface characteristics of metal products in commercial quantities.  During this period, the company also developed and began to market its Solution Plasma Spray (SPS) device to research institutions.


In 2009, Inframat began marketing its Thermal Spray Feedstocks and SPS units to commercial customers. During 2009-2010, the focus of the company was narrowed to four key product groups:  Thermal Spray Products and SPS, Nanomagnetics, Specialty Industrial Coatings, and Sponsored Research.  The company also consolidated its headquarters and operations into a single 18,000 square foot facility in Manchester, Connecticut to provide for future growth.


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