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Superfine InfralloyTM 2600 Series Product Spec Sheet







Superfine Alumina/Titania Composite High Lubricity Composite Powder

Materials Name

Alumina/Titania (Al2O3/TiO2) Thermal (Plasma) Spray Feed Powder


Other Names: Alumina Oxide/Titanium Oxide Thermal Spray Powder





Size Cut: +5mm to -45mm (325 mesh)


Chemistry: 52.5%Al2O3, 7.5%TiO2, 4-6%CeO2, 6-8%ZrO2/Y2O3, 30%Fe3O4


Grain size: 0.1-0.5 mm




Plasma spray surface coatings that is resistant to abrasion, erosion, sliding wear, but less resistance to chemical attack as compared with InfralloyTM 2613.  The coating has very low coefficient of friction <0.1.  It provides excellent  surface finishing and lubrication for valve and ball applications. 

InfralloyTM S2613-LUB


Sintered 87Al2O3/13TiO2-CYZ-LUB


Thermal Spray Powder


Particle size +5mm to -45 mm




Quantity & Price

10 kg

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50 kg

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100 kg

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500 kg

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1 metric ton or more

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