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Sprayable Nanostructured Alumina / Titania S2613P Nanox™ Powder


Thermal Spray Grade Plasma Densified

Alumina/Titania is a ceramic composite material used as a wear resistant coating for machine components.
Nanox™ S2613P feedstock powder is agglomerated nanoparticles with high density and flowability and an average diameter of 30 µm.


SEM micrograph typical of Nanox™ S2613P feedstock powder showing spherical geometry with high flowability.

Coating Microstructure

Cross sectional SEM view of a typical dense ceramic coating produced by a Metco plasma gun using Nanox™ S2613P feedstock powder. Pores (dark spots) occupy only 2 - 5 % volume.



[U.S. Patent Nos. 6,025,034 / 6,162,530 / 6,277,448 / 6,277,774 / 6,287,714]
Year 2001 R&D 100 Award Winner


Properties of NanoxTM S2613P Powder

Al2O3 : TiO2wt ratio 87 : 13
CeO2 content, wt % 6 - 8 %
ZrO2 content, wt % 8 - 10 %
powder grain size (ave.) 50 - 500 nm
agglomerated powder size (ave.) 30 µm
tap density 2.0 g/cm3

• 1 nanometer (nm) = 10 -9 meter (m)
• Nanoscale Materials for the Global Infrastructure™


Wear Characteristics

SEM studies of wear surfaces reveal a morphology difference between coatings sprayed with conventional versus nanostructured alumina/titania. The wear tracks on conventional coatings are rough (grooves, deformation and microfracture), whereas the wear surfaces on nanostructured alumina/titania coatings are relatively smooth (no grooves, deformation or microfracture). Wear resistance is related to toughness, microhardness, and microstructure. Toughness of nanostructured alumina/titania improves the wear resistance of the coatings. Full spray specifications are available through Technical Applications Bulletin No. S2613P.01.A.\

SEM micrograph of worn surface typical of conventional alumina/titania coating. Note: large "plate like" pieces were removed by wear resulting in grain "pull-out."

SEM micrograph of worn surface typical of nanostructured alumina/titania coating made from Nanox™ S2613P feedstock. Smaller pieces were removed resulting in polishing of the coating surface.

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