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Hard, High Lubricity Coatings

Inframat has custom fabricated hard, high lubricity coatings for metals and alloy substrates. In limited lubrication situations, these coatings demonstrate coefficients of friction in the range 0.06 to 0.08 and Vickers hardness of above 400. Coatings are electroplated on metal substrates with hardness and lubricity components incorporated within the electroplate by a proprietary process. Presently, Inframat is successfully testing replacements for black oxide on gears and is working towards coating bearings, cam shafts, valve stems and piston rings.

Normally, the electroplating process is based on a solution of salts that constitutes positive and negative ions. Under an electrical field, the ions will move to the workpiece (or electrode) to form a 100% dense deposited coating. Currently available electroplated coatings included hard chrome. Due to the emiision of carcinogenic hexvalant chromium ions to the air, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is aggressive seeking alternative coating to replace this traditional hard chrome method. Recently, Inframat® is developing a proprietary method for electroplating deposition of nanostructured WC/Co-Ni tribocoatings using WC/Co nanoparticle dispersion in an electroplating bath. The innovation of the technology is based on the concept of using nanoparticles to form a high performance coating for Non-line-of-Sight ("NLOS") applications. This innovation includes (1) the ability of dispersing WC/Co nanoparticles in a nickel sulfamate bath to achieve a near colloidal dispersion, and (2) the ability of incorporating sufficient amounts of nanoparticulate WC fine dispersions in the coating. The electroplating hardfacing nanocoatings demonstrates substantial performance and cost improvement to replace the current environmentally hazardous chrome electroplating for non-line-of-sight applications and other complex geometries, where the WC nanoparticles are uniformly dispersed in a cobalt-nickel matrix, resulting in a "near net coating" with high hardness, a low coefficient of friction, low wear rate, and smooth as-coated surface.

Electroplating Tungsten Carbide/Cobalt-Nickell

Transmission Gear coatings


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